About: Skye

Skyler Reisner, preferably known as Skye, is a student at Alfred State Technical College. He’s currently a freshman in the Digital Media & Animation Program. Skye’s goals are to learn animation of course, but also to gain knowledge in the other fields that the world of animation is made of. Whatever he decides to do, Skye is the type who will not give up so easily whenever he is bitten by the bug of motivation.

skye jpg
This is Skye.

This tenacity and never giving up attitude of positivity isn’t just in school work, no matter what he is doing he will always strive to improve himself. Even if it includes getting hit all the time, Skye’s determination to be better at whatever it is he is doing will always make sure he is at his best. Having been inspired by animator Vergil Ross and the Looney Tunes as a child, Skye has always wanted to become involved with animation.

His hobbies include practicing a style of Kung Fu that was developed in his home town of Olean, New York known as Wu Yin Yan Jing. He is an avid guitarist and music junkie, never leaving home without his iPod and headphones. He loves to experience new things whenever the opportunity presents it self, and is very outgoing; both in the sense of his appearance and social skills. Skye believes that everyone should always strive for the betterment of one’s self in anything they do. Be it teaching, talking, making art, or just living, there is always something each of us can make better.


One Response to About: Skye

  1. Skye says:

    Well my name is skyerei too and i am as well an artist for 7 sevenyears =)


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