Computer Animation III: Walk Cycle

Walk Cycle

Overall i felt that i struggled with connecting the ending frame and the beginning frame. Another issue i had was connecting the heel with the grid to lock it in, i couldnt get that to work. I feel as if i used too much squash and stretch.

Critique Notes:

Good: Squash and stretch, foot placement and hand work.

Bad: Too much squash and stretch in the torso.

-Head movement is far too exaggerated

whole body squishes

Movement is jumpy

Head pops.

Boing, hips and shoulders don’t tilt

Very very bouncy Movement

Too much squash

Too much exaggeration w/ squash and stretch

torso is stiff, does not move too well.

Laggy movement

Too much squash and stretch

very jumpy

feet go through grid.


About Skye Reisner

I'm a student in the Digital Media and Animation program at Alfred State College.
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